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His Story

Take a good look around these walls — they’ve been frozen in time since 1912. Picture this room as it once was, a clandestine speakeasy hosting guests like you during prohibition. Imagine the patrons, a lively mix of scofflaws, sharing laughs, smiles, and secret toasts until the sun painted the morning sky. This place harbored secret tunnels that still exist beyond these walls, and that ladder in the hallway was reserved exclusively for famed and noteworthy guests of the San Marcos Hotel.

Legend has it that, post-prohibition, Ostrich feathers were collected from the bustling streets outside and stashed right here, under the direction of Dr. AJ Chandler. Those feathers were later sold to Hollywood’s elite, adorning flapper dresses and hats, all thanks to the doctor’s entrepreneurial flair. After Dr. Chandler’s death, the room was boarded up and sealed holding its secrets for almost a century in the dark.

In 2014 — I climbed that same ladder used by guests from eras past, unveiling a dirt floor cocooned in concrete
and history. Inspired by the tales echoing within, a vision unfolded and a duty took hold: to transform that dusty past into the cocktail bar you see today. Our drinks, created by a stellar team of mixologists, pay homage to classic cocktails and modern-day crafts that weave their own new stories in this historic setting.

The Ostrich, born from this legacy, honors those who reveled here before us, sharing drinks, stories, and laughter. So, take a moment, enjoy this drink, savor the company around you, share a tale, and lift your glass high. Here’s to this room’s long and rich history and to our fleeting, precious time together.

Thanks for being here tonight. Cheers!

~ Michael Merendino | Proprieter

Handcrafted cocktails that are more than Old Fashioned.




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Enjoy warm and inviting bartenders with all the nostalgia of a true 1920s speakeasy in Downtown Chandler.